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START! Original Hot Curry Sauce – 5 oz bottle

Ship Weight – 12 oz.

Price: $5.99

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Product Features

- First and only curry flavor hot sauce for everyday use on Western foods and Eastern Favorites.

- Try it on pizza, pasta, sandwiches, burritos, noodles, curries or whatever foods you like!


- Certified Vegan – NO Sugar, NO Oil, NO MSG, NO Preservatives. “Just Great Taste With Peace of Mind”

- Only the finest premium ingredients used. Great for lunch, dinner or any food prep!

- Mouthwatering mix of 12 curry spices blended by hand. “Hot, But Not Too Hot!”


Overall(32 reviews)
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Tremendous on almost everything

Aug 22, 2014 by Deakins

Start sauce is great on everything. It adds a bit of spice, maybe a bit of smokiness, but isn't overwhelming. We've been pleased at what a happy complement it is to seafood, pasta, salads, and even eggs. If you're looking to breathe some new life in to almost any mac and cheese, this sauce is great! I like the low sodium and healthy aspects of it as well.

Start and finish with Start

Aug 08, 2014 by PGreen

I have relatives who are Start hipsters.

Long before this sauce grew in terms of popularity, I had relatives who were already using it. I was introduced to it as "curry crossover sauce." Upon my first taste of it, I immediately thought it to be way too spicy. I was not a fan.

Now as my palette has matured and I get inklings for more interesting flavor combinations I decided to buy this and try it again. It is now a staple condiment in my kitchen.

Start sauce is a thick, tangy hot sauce with a really strong spice flavor. It is a great substitute for standard hot sauce as I feel it imparts not only heat to a dish, but also a nice spicy peppery and curry taste. The spicy level for me is between a medium and hot salsa, but from experience I know that spicyness is relative to the taster.

Adding Start to mayo makes a really delicious spread to use on sandwiches. It is also great in mac and cheese or just about anything that's creamy or cheesy. Honestly, I haven't put it in anything without having a successful flavor explosion on my tongue soon after. It's just that good.

I have seen other brands out there, but I have gotten the impression that this particular brand is the standard, similar to the way Heinz is the standard for ketchup.

If you're a fusion foods enthusiast this should definitely be in your kitchen. I would definitely recommend this product.

Came on Time and Tastes Great

Jul 24, 2014 by Ineke

Came delivered a day before expected date, which was a total plus. I love this sauce and can't find it in my local store. I use it on so many things and it doesn't have any of the bad stuff typically seen with other sauces. Tastes great! Just had it on some eggs. Delicious.

The Best...

Jul 19, 2014 by Ellen S

Seriously...there is no comparison. There is no other hot sauce out there like this one. Folks think that "Tabasco sauce" is hot sauce. I have tried every other hot sauce out there thinking there has to be something else the same...but no. There isn't. START! is "hot sauce"...yes...but it's not really about the "hotness"'s about the "flavor". There is nothing it does not make taste better...and nothing tastes the same without it!

I use as often as possible on sandwiches and salads. All the healthy benefits (non-GMO, ayurvedic spices etc..) are a plus too and make this a great choice. The best!!!

Wonderful flavor surprise, love this product

Jul 14, 2014 by CRed

It took me awhile to finally uncap and try this product. It was wonderful, I was convinced from the second taste, (because the first taste surprised me so much I had to take another taste to see if my taste buds were working properly.) The reason I procrastinated so long? I thought curry sauce could only be used for curry dishes. Boy was I wrong. This sauce should be a kitchen staple, used as a wonderful addition to those full savory tastes we all love and crave. Being gluten intolerant I had to make the switch or go without, I was not looking forward to doing without some of my favorite western foods I grew up with. So three big cheers for Start sauce.They have provided me with a product I love and made me super happy in the process.

Healthy Hot Sauce Option

Jun 28, 2014 by BellM

I have to try this on more stuff but this is a worthy replacement to my Cholula and Sriracha. I was really trying to get away from the high fructose corn syrup (I'm not Vegan) and this was the ticket.

Good for cooking

Jun 19, 2014 by AM

This stuff is awesome. Tastes good, on your chicken/potatoes/carrots or other stir fry combos. We like our dishes spicy, so I saute'd half a yellow onion and 1 jalapeno pepper then added the chicken/potatoes/carrots, then the curry sauce.

Just the right bite

Jun 02, 2014 by James

its a little thicker than i like but has good flavor and the bite can be tasted right away. it goes pretty good on a burger.

Good spicer

May 15, 2014 by Sally

Very interesting hot sauce, can be used directly to foods or used in recipes like sauces and soups. The sauce is quite spicy so should be used lightly.

It's a Winner

May 08, 2014 by Carmen

This hot sauce is alsome. has a great taste. I put hot sauce on everything. Just don't seem to be any flavorful enough for me, but I think you have a winner.

, USA 4.8 5.0 32 32 Start sauce is great on everything. It adds a bit of spice, maybe a bit of smokiness, but isn't overwhelming. We've been pleased at what a happy complement it is to seafood, pasta,

Product Description

For centuries the spices of South Asia and India have been coveted by food lovers from around the world. START! Original Hot Curry Sauce is made with traditional all natural ingredients and no sugar, oil, or anything artificial while maintaining its rich, flavorful taste to excite any dish. Join the spice trade and START! UP all of your favorite foods with delicious adventure, flavor, and heat from the East!

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RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY: Item exchange following return of unopened item. Buyer pays return postage. With that said, we will review each case individually.


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